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System - Wednesday, September 28, 2016
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2nd Quarter Housing Statistics Life In The Bay Area Beyond The Boom

3rd Quarter Housing Statistics. What does it mean?

System - Wednesday, February 17, 2016
Property Management Blog 3rd Quarter Housing Statistics. What does it mean?

June 2013 Newsletter

System - Monday, July 8, 2013
Property Management Blog News #3 - Business
In this edition discover  the following:
  • Cal West-H.M.S. what does it all mean?
  • Meet my emotional support animal!
  • Vendor Highlight
  • Meet our Property Manager Kathryn Pelling
  • Bad bill dies on senate floor
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Cal West-H.M.S. What does the H.M.S. stand for?
Welcome to another addition, or should I say the Inaugural addition of the Cal West H.M.S. Newsletter. This month we are excited to inform you of some changes in the works and some that have already come to pass. While change is inevitable, we do not plan to alter who we are. Our commitment has always been to provide the best service possible for your dollar. Now for a message to our H.M.S. and Cal West clients, Julie and I would like to say how excited we are that you are with us for our new journey. To those of you that have been faithful and loyal to H.M.S. all these years we would like to say thank you. The H.M.S. staff is knowledgeable and professional and you will be able to continue to work with Stephanie, Kerry, Jolynn and Jilene for years to come. Kathryn Pelling is a remarkable property manager with with over seventeen years of experience. We hope to have her around for seventeen more years if she is willing. She may have something to say about that. 

To our many Cal West clients we say thank you as well. This year we discovered that the most frequently asked questions we hear are "Am I a little fish now?" or "are you too big for me?". I have been in this industry for some time  and I don't think anyone will mistake Cal West-H.M.S. for some massive corporation that turns it customers into numbers. In fact, our company doesn't make the top 10. We still have to get up every day and earn your business. Some minor changes will be evident for some staff. As an example, our Broker Julie Collins gave up some duties with regards to accounting, but that frees her up to do what she likes best; going out to properties to make sure your investment is being well maintained. Dawn and Stephanie in our maintenance department, have more vendors, and can bounce ideas off of one another to provide a more cost effective and efficient experience to our clients. We are optimistic about the future but ultimately it is you that makes us better. We need some patience from all of you while we smooth out the rough edges but we are aiming pretty high.

Another question that you may be asking yourselves "what does H.M.S. mean?". No, it doesn't mean hearty meatball sub or Harry met Sally or my personal favorite Her majesty's secret service. If you have been with H.M.S. for awhile you may know the original meaning of the acronym but I have given it a new meaning. H.M.S. stands for Home Management Systems. Systems require thought. Systems requires a plan. H.M.S. has been around for over 35 years. In fact, the founder of H.M.S., Rocky Maxwell, was one of the original founders of NARPM®, the National Association of Residential Property Managers. I have served on the board of this fine organization. This year I serve as the local chapter President. H.M.S. was sold to one of his property managers, Sylvia Hill, in 2002. Sylvia had worked for Rocky for about seven years before purchasing the company. Since then, H.M.S. has gone on to receive quite a list of distinctions. Sylvia served as a chapter President and a National President for NARPM® and today Sylvia still teaches on the national level. H.M.S. is a teaching property management company. Here is another interesting fact. H.M.S. was the first Bay Area Company to receive the coveted CRMC credential which stands for Certified Residential Management Company. This credential is not easy to get and H.M.S. is the only local company to have it. Systems are what made H.M.S. a great fit for us. I am not ashamed to say that H.M.S. shared their systems knowledge with us several years ago which made this transition a bit easier. Our new slogan is Stronger together. Just like any team when we work together we are much stronger than anyone of us could ever be alone. I am learning so much from the property managers and other staff. I hope they learn from me as well. Change is inevitable but a wise man once said if you are standing still you are really moving backward. We made a leap to buy H.M.S. but is is already paying off. Come by and meet the staff. I want them all to know our great clients and residents.

Robert Collins, President Cal West-H.M.S. 
June 1, 2013

Senate rejects bad security deposit bill

This week one of our property managers, Kathryn Pelling, posted on our Facebook page and I put out a blog but I am going for a world record of social media venues.  There is a link to the California Apartment Association's website where this is posted below. Take a look and thank a Lobby near you. Essentially this bill would have punished the landlord for very minor and innocent mistakes and would have made our job so much more difficult. I know this probably isn't the time but it points out the need to be on guard. Your property manager ought to inform you of these things so that you, as an owner, can act in your own capacity to fight this junk legislation. It prompted me to take quick look at some other bills that could affect our clients. In the coming weeks I'll do my best to educate you on some of these bills on my blog at Until then enjoy the article.



1020 W. San Carlos San Jose, Ca 95126 Ph (408) 288-7678 Fx (408) 288-9809 Store Hours Monday-Friday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm Saturday: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm Sunday 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

We are always proud to introduce our clients to our wonderful vendors that we work with every day. This month is no exception. I work with Josh at the carpet store. When I told him I planned to highlight him for all the work he has done for us over the years he was happy to give me a few items to pass along to you. Let me say that we get great service from Off-Price. They have come through on short notice for us many times and their installations are always guaranteed. Now on to Josh's highlights.

  1. Off-Price Carpets has been around for almost 20 years. 
  2. Off-Price is a family owned business. Ken and Josh are a great father and son combination. 
  3. The installers at Off Price are all long term employees working for Off Price and not subcontractors like with many stores.

Give them a call and ask them to come out and do a free measure for you. They offer a large selection and can be trusted to keep the price in budget. 

Sandy Adams

Meet my Certified Emotional Support Animal"Lucky"

By now most property owners and managers are familiar with the term service animal or guide dog. We also know that service animals are the exception to your "no pet" policy.

Kathryn Pelling

Meet Kathryn. She is a property manager with Cal West-H.M.S. Kathryn is a big hockey fan. She is crazy for the Sharks. She is still reeling from the recent playoff loss to L.A. so give her some time to heal.

Kathryn lived in Truckee California for ten years. Her family still lives there and she even met her husband there. Her parents ran a golf course and apparently she is pretty good. She loves her family and her favorite thing to do is...

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November 2012 Newsletter

System - Sunday, November 11, 2012
Property Management Blog News #4 - Clean Style
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Dear valued Partners and Clients,

Welcome to another addition to the Cal West Newsletter. 2012 is drawing to a close and we have assembled some great vendor referrals and articles to help you stay informed for the coming year. Our featured article in the light bulb section entitled Helpful Property Maintenance Tips, by Mary Girsch-Bock, will be a good reminder that residents often move because of deferred maintenance. The article is a must read. Lots of other great information is available on their website as well. Visit

Our vendor of the month is A-Clean Gutters. It's that time of year again and we are strong advocates for gutter cleaning and periodic roof inspections. Bob Russell will give it to you straight and his work is first rate.


Finally, we wish our clients, vendors, residents and partners the merriest of holiday seasons. We express that in our final thoughts of the newsletter. We hope that you enjoy the newsletter and want you to know that when it comes property management Cal West has been guarding the investments of our clients and for over 30 years. Give us a call today for more information.


Did you know?

January 1, 2013 marks the date when all multi-unit residential housing units must have carbon monoxide detectors installed. This law makes it mandatory for each individual unit to be equipped.  If you are a client of Cal West you probably know that we complied with that new law in June of last year. All of our rental units were updated with carbon monoxide detectors six months ahead of schedule. Stay tuned for the latest changes that might affect your investment in the coming months.




We would like to introduce you to long time vendor A-Clean Gutters. Bob, the principal owner of A-Clean Gutters, is one of the most conscientious and meticulous vendors that we use. Bob does one thing very well. He cleans gutters of course. But while Bob is on your roof you will appreciate the fact that he also cuts back tree limbs, removes old antennas, does minor roof repair, sweeps off trouble spots and takes before and after photos so that you can see the difference. Our office has a nice little collection of his handy work if you would like to stop by and take a look. Give Bob a call if you have a need. His prices are reasonable and his work is fantastic.
He can always be contacted at 408-476-7100.  

  Cal West wants you to know  




Light Bulb Feature Article

Helpful Property Management Maintenance Tips

Posted on 03. Apr, 2012 by Mary Girsch-Bock in Resident Retention

Consider this scenario: One of your best tenants comes into the office frantic. Her ceiling is leaking and has damaged her expensive stereo system. Your maintenance person writes up the requisition, but somehow it gets lost on her fairly unorganized desk. Meanwhile, several other tenants have called in with problems that she is jotting down on pieces of paper. A few of those jobs actually get done; the majority are left on her desk. Of course eventually everything does get taken care of, but come renewal time, the majority of those tenants whose problems didn’t get fixed for days are gone…and they’re not holding back when telling you why.

Of all of the reasons why tenants leave, (other than relocating in another area or buying a house) inadequate maintenance is right at the top. There aren’t many people that would put up with a ceiling leaking for days, or a toilet that won’t work, or a faucet that constantly drips. Realistic or not, tenants believe that their problem is the most important, and by not having the problem taken care of in a reasonable amount of time, the message that you’re conveying is that they are not important. And tenants who do not feel important, leave.

So how do you go about organizing your maintenance department so that repairs and other requests don’t get buried on someone’s desk?


Why We Do What We Do

By Robert Collins

Property Manager

Cal West Asset Management\

October 18, 2012


Have you ever had a conversation with someone and during the course of that conversation discover what he or she does for a living? This is the standard man question when forced to converse at an 8 year-olds birthday party with your family. The first man, trying desperately to avoid making eye contact, will untangle his tongue, and gruffly ask, “So what do you do for a living?” Wow that does open up the floodgates!  Some jobs sound really interesting, while other jobs make you walk away and say “I wouldn't do that job if you paid me a million dollars”. Plumbers have one of those jobs I just wouldn't do if you paid me.
The funny thing about perspective is that yours seems to carry the most weight when making these decisions.
Property management is one of those jobs that people often refer to as "you couldn’t pay me enough" kind of career choices.  Interestingly, a recent article by Forbes entitled The Happiest Jobs in America, ranks property managers the second happiest job in America, a virtual tie with the Executive Chef. Also, important to note that number eight on that list is an accountant. That might blow the credibility of the study if you ask me. Of course, I am a property manager, and I think they have a great point there, so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. One of the major factors in making it a happy job, as the article points out, is the opportunity to work with people. Property managers do that every day. More importantly, we provide a much-needed product to the community. Housing is one of life's major necessities right next to food, I believe. It is also a retirement vehicle for many of my clients, making it doubly vital to our economy. Now, I don’t define myself by the job that I do, but I do want to be proud of my work. I want to be a leader in my industry.


All of us here at Cal West are humbled to be serving our clients and residents all year long. As the seasons change and the Holiday season comes upon us we are overwhelmed by all of the things we have to be thankful for. Our clients are a wonderful group of people from all walks of life. We have developed such strong relationships with so many of them. To all of you we wish the very best holiday season to you and your loved ones. Our partners and fellow professionals continue to refer new business to us often. We would not be where we are today without the many referrals and all of the kind words said on our behalf throughout the year. To our partners we say Thank you.  Happy Holidays to all of you. Finally, our residents are working hard to provide for their families. Some of them work more than one job to make ends meet but by and large they  all remain faithful to pay their rent on time and continue to take care of the home we have in entrusted to them. We hope for success in the coming year and wish you a very merry Christmas. Thank you to our vendors and staff. You make Cal West work. God bless you all and we look forward to another year of fun in 2013.

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