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We are proud to be providing property management services in San Jose and surrounding communities for over 40 years. Please feel free to browse the site for further details on our Services!! For tenants, our Available Properties page will offer current vacant properties, pictures included to better assist you in making an informed decision for your next home.

In a survey of investment property owners we discovered that our clients have very specific needs. We focus on six essential areas for our clients.

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Do I Need a Property Manager?

Not everyone needs a property a property manager. It is our job to help those property owners who do. Here are some great questions to ask before making a decision to hire a professional manager.

Do you have too many properties to manage effectively on your own?
Do you live far away from your investment property?
Do you have trouble keeping up with local, state, and federal laws and code requirements?
Are you too busy to respond to your tenants in a timely manner?
Are you having trouble filling vacancies?

Eliminate the constant run around!
It can feel like a full time job dealing with repairs, complaints, collecting rent and coordinating vendors – and a constant state of stress. Transferring these responsibilities to a good property manager allows you to enjoy the benefits without spending all your free time working.

Why hire Cal West Property Management

Why Should I Use Cal West Property Management as my San Jose Property Manager?

You’ll make more money – and spend less time maintaining your investment. Some people assume that property management is expensive - but that’s not the case at all. You will actually make more money in the long run due to better quality tenants that stay longer and less damage or repairs to deal with.

Better screening process = Better Tenants! Because of our application tools and extensive resources, we can screen more tenants, and with more filters. We often have a waiting list of potential renters.

What Our Clients Have To Say

What Our Clients Have To Say...

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