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The Benefits of Working with Cal West HMS for Property Management


Cal West Property Management serves property owners and investors in San Jose and the surrounding areas. We are Julie and Robert Collins, and we have been the owners and brokers at Cal West Property Management for 20 years. Today, we’re talking about our credentials, and why a property owner would want to choose our company for any rental management needs.

Property Management Expertise: Julie Collins

When I was 12 or 13 years old, I would drive around with my parents, looking for investment properties. They would find some fixer-uppers and then rent them out or sell them. My father purchased a property management company, and I started working there when I was 16 years old. I was able to see the comings and goings of an actual office. I loved being at the properties and seeing the end results of my work. That was the fun part of property management for me.

A lot of experience comes with the years that we have put in. I can predict trends in the industry before they happen.

Choosing a Property Manager: Cal West Provides Professional and Personal Experience

We own investment property ourselves. We’ve been investing in rental properties locally and all over the state of California. So, we have gone through the process of hiring property managers for our own properties. We have been where you are – looking for a management company and wondering why we couldn’t get a call back, or trying to get an accurate description of fees and services.

This experience is helpful because at Cal West Property Management, we know how owners and investors are feeling and what they’re looking for.

Our company brings four decades of experience specific to property management. A lot of big real estate companies do property management on the side. They aren’t interested in becoming experts in the field. Instead, they’re funneling their sales cloud with property management. We don’t offer that dangling carrot at Cal West. We don’t sell homes. We’re here to manage property. It’s how we earn a living, and it’s our area of expertise.

Property Management San Jose: Trained and Educated Staff Members

Our staff is highly trained and experienced. From our accounting department to our office manager, they know everything there is to know about property management. There’s also a lot of longevity. Our accounting manager has been here for 20 years, and she knows what makes a statement correct. Our maintenance supervisor has been here over 15 years, and our entire team is good at what they do.

The educated and experienced team of professionals here has the knowledge to reduce your liability. We understand the state, local, and federal laws. We know what’s required to comply with city codes, and we understand rent control in various cities. Our property managers understand the difference between service animals and emotional support animals and pets. Managing marijuana in your rental property is a big issue recently, and we’re watching the legislation that may be coming. We have had an opportunity to fight for our clients at the local level. We go to city hall in San Jose and the state capitol in Sacramento to advocate for landlord rights. When you own real estate and you work in property management, these things are important.

Property Management San Jose: Technology and Processes

After being in this field for so long, we’ve seen tremendous changes in technology. Twenty years ago, everything we did was on paper or in our heads. Today, we work with a property management software system called Appfolio, which is designed specifically for residential property management. Between that and Google Calendar, anything that needs to be done with your unit or property is systemized and documented. Nothing falls through the cracks. We always know what needs to get done next.

We started this business as a portfolio property management company. That means each property manager did everything; we created forms, reviewed applications, showed properties, and scheduled maintenance. Busy was our constant state. Now, we are systemized. We have created departments, which provides a support system for property managers. We have a maintenance department, an accounting department, a leasing assistant, and front desk operations. This enables property managers to gather information and be there for their clients. It’s more flexible, and it allows us to work as a team.

Systemizing operations has left our property managers time to call their clients back, which seems to be a problem in our industry.

BenefitsWe save you time and hassles. We keep you compliant. We educate ourselves on the things that will help you. Our property assessments, responsiveness, and marketing tools will ensure your investment is protected. If you have any questions, or you’d like to hear more about why you should work with us, please contact us at Cal West Property Management.

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