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Many landlords are worried about tenant evictions, and that’s understandable. The process is expensive and time consuming. Our team has performed hundreds of evictions in our forty years of doing business. We can help you navigate the murky waters of the process from contested evictions like habitability through the sheriff’s final lock out.

Understanding Eviction

First, you need to know what an eviction is, and what it isn’t. A lot of people will come to us and say they were evicted in the past, but they weren’t. They were simply given a notice to vacate. That’s different. An eviction is an unlawful detainer. This is a public record that is settled in court. It can take from one to two weeks to serve the court notice. The entire process can be as long as four to six weeks for uncontested evictions. The unlawful detainer is the first step towards evicting a tenant in San Jose, once a three-day notice is served by our office.

Engaging Our Tenants

We make every effort to work with our tenant. If they are unable to pay rent, they will be evicted. But when a tenant fails to pay, we must stay engaged if there is any hope of avoiding the legal costs and vacancy loss that accompanies the eviction process. Being willing to work with your tenant could spare everybody the awful mess that is an eviction. Tenants don’t want to be evicted; it stays on their public record and on their credit for a long time. This will prevent them from being able to rent in the future. Here at Cal West we will apply our years of experience to helping you receive the best possible outcome.

Avoiding Eviction With Incentives

In some cases, Cal West, with the owners approval, may offer incentives. If a tenant does not comply, or has lost a job, we may be able to help them get out of the property without eviction. Often, we can save the owner money and time in addition to sparing the tenant from the legal expenses and the impact on their credit.

Maintaining Credibility

When you get to know your tenant as many owners who self manage inevitably do, often it is more difficult to consider evicting them when times get tough. If an owner has a history of waffling or not following through on commitments, tenants may feel like they can get away with more. Hiring a property manager increases the credibility factor greatly. While we believe in developing strong relationships with our residents, we also understand the importance of setting hard boundaries and honoring deadlines.

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How Much Does Professional Property Management Cost?

This video was designed to help you navigate the various types of fees companies charge to manage your home. San Jose and surrounding markets offer many options in the field of property management from small family owned businesses to large franchises. Each company prices their management differently. We explain the different fees they charge and offer advice on how to determine the best option for you.

Owner Benefits

  • The Best Technology

    Cal West strives to stay on the cutting edge of technology. We offer an online owners portal and web based software that is always evolving to help our clients get the most current features the industry can offer. Our database is the best and most accurate product on the market for the property management industry.
  • Great Affiliations/Reputation

    As members of
    • The National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM),
    • Tri-County Apartment Association (TCAA),
    • The Better Business Bureau (BBB),
    • The California Association of Realtors (CAR)
    • The Santa Clara Association of Realtors (SCCAOR)

    You can feel safe that the company you are hiring will be there when you need us. We have an A rating with the Better Business Bureau and have served for many years on the board for our local chapter of NARPM.

  • Constant Monitoring of Your Investment

    Our San Jose Property Managers conduct 6 month surveys on every new resident. Our property assessment program will provide an annual report to our clients complete with pictures and details about the property condition. These programs along with our periodic exterior assessments ensure that your asset is protected from tenant abuse or neighborhood blight. Our vendors also act as our eyes and ears and report concerns to our office when they perform work at the property.
  • Consistent Accounting Principles and Documentation

    Our accounting is thorough and compliant with all requirements including local, state and federal. We provide a monthly statement showing all activity on your account. Clients with direct deposit can access their statement at any time through the owner's portal or via email. Statements come in a convenient pdf format but other formats are available if needed.
  • Current on Local and Federal Laws

    Our San Jose Property Management Company will implement local and federal requirements so as to limit our client's liability. If the law changes, we will make sure your property is in compliance.
  • Quality Vendors/Discounted Pricing for Our Clients

    We use only well vetted vendors with a track record of success. All vendors must verify their insurance and other appropriate documentation such as current licensing and/or bonding.
  • Flexible Plans

    We offer a consistent approach to management that helps us provide the quality service our clients require but we can bend to your needs as well. We are confident that we have a management plan that fits your preferences and desires.

Resident Benefits

  • Online Rent Pay and Other Online Features

    Our residents enjoy the luxury of paying their rent online either manually or automatically each month. Residents can also submit maintenance work orders through their account and see their ledger with completely updated balance information.
  • Dedicated Resident Relations Department

    Our San Jose property management company has a dedicated department for all resident maintenance issues. Our staff will troubleshoot problems in an attempt to prevent needless costs and trips to the property by our vendors.
  • After Hours Emergency Response Team

    Our San Jose property managers will stand ready to help should an emergency arise after business hours. The agent or staff member will troubleshoot the problem and determine the emergency status and send vendors out as necessary.
  • Relationship Building and Customer Service

    We believe that our residents are an important part of the management experience. If they are happy it greatly reduces the chances that they will look for another place to live. We strive to be courteous and respectful with our residents knowing that they serve a valuable purpose in guarding our clients' assets. See Our Owner's Guide for more details.

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