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Rental Marketing 101 | How to Market Your Rental Property in San Jose


There are a lot of proactive things you can do while marketing your rental property in San Jose. These tips we are sharing today will help get the quickest response and generate the most interest.

Focus on the Marketing Title

You might think you need a big title for your property, but you don’t necessarily have to use words like “beautiful.” Use the title to specify what you want the property to be known for. The title can include the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and whether you have an upstairs unit. Pick one feature of the community that you think is valuable.

Writing the Body of the Ad

Once you get into the body of your ad, you can sell the property and talk about what this particular home is known for. Include information on what utilities are covered, what appliances there are, such as a washer and a dryer, and whether there is gas or electric. Features of the community are also important. If the home is in an HOA with a pool and a spa, you’ll want to include that information. Make sure prospective tenants know what kinds of restaurants, shopping, and businesses are close.

Include Outstanding Photos

Get lots of photos. Posting a video tour is one great option. You should also include a bunch of pictures that really show off the property. The better your photo quality, the better your results. You don’t want photos of dark corners where you cannot see the walls. Show the unit as sunny and not sad.

Where to Post

There are many different websites to post your ad. We post to over 30 different search engines. You’ll need to pay for some premium ads here and there. Try Zillow, HotPads, Trulia, and MyNewPlace. Craigslist is also great. On many of these sites, you’ll have to manage your ad. Check it every few days and refresh it when you can. Craigslist is notorious for its traffic, so after 10 minutes, your ad can be on the bottom of their list. That makes it hard to find. Refresh your ad every few days. Craigslist also has other challenges. It’s known for scams, where people will steal your photos and use them on their own fake ad in order to get money from unsuspecting tenants. This isn’t going to hurt you, but you want to help prevent the scam.

Signs and Open Houses

A sign is a good idea if traffic is going through the area. Identifying the place for rent is also announcing that the house is vacant, so check it periodically. You can do an open house or show the property every time someone calls. We believe that having a number of people arrive at one showing generates competition. So, you might say that you’ll be at the house for an hour or two on Saturday for anyone who wants to see it.

There is lots more we can talk about when it comes to rental property marketing. If you have any questions about advertising or anything pertaining to San Jose property management, please contact us at Cal West HMS Property Management.

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